is game design a stem career

is game design a stem career

Is Game Design a STEM Career?

Game design has become an increasingly attractive field of study and occupation recently, but is it officially considered a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) career?

What Are STEM Careers?

STEM careers involve the use of scientific and technological knowledge to solve problems and create products. They are designed to take advantage of the current job market, offering skills which can be applied to multiple industries and are in high demand. STEM careers range from entry-level positions to upper management roles, making them attractive to many people.

Game Design in the STEM Career Field

Game design is undoubtedly a creative field which requires strong technical and analytical skills. From designing the rules and objective of a game to understanding how players will interact with it, game design requires an understanding of mathematics and technology. This knowledge can be valuable in other industries as well, as it teaches you how to think analytically, create systems, and solve problems.

Benefits of Studying & Working in STEM

Studying a STEM-related field gives you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry you’re in. You’ll learn the latest tools, technologies, and theories, as well as develop hard skills such as programming and problem-solving. Working in a STEM field can also lead to higher salaries and more job security than other careers.


In conclusion, game design is a form of STEM career. It requires technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills, as well as creativity and an understanding of how people will interact with the game. STEM careers offer many benefits, such as higher salaries and more secure job opportunities. If you’re looking to break into the game design industry, it’s worth considering studying a STEM-related field.

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