is electrical engineering a good career

is electrical engineering a good career

Is Electrical Engineering A Good Career?

Electrical Engineering is a field that is both challenging and rewarding and can lead to a career filled with multiple job opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why Electrical Engineering is a great career choice:


Electrical Engineering offers a wide range of job opportunities and career pathways. You can choose to work in energy production, computer engineering, automation, telecommunications, electrical design and many other areas. This vast array of possibilities ensures that there will always be opportunities to grow in new directions within the field.

Financial Security

Becoming an Electrical Engineer can be financially rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for Electrical Engineers was $97,970 in 2019. The potential for increasing salaries, bonuses, and other financial compensation can provide an extra layer of financial security, particularly for those looking for long-term careers in the field.

Advancement Opportunities

Since Electrical Engineering is a constantly evolving and expanding field, there are always new technologies, techniques and job duties opening up opportunities for advancement. With experience and knowledge, Electrical Engineers can move up into higher-level positions within their career, leading to more responsibility and better earning potential.

Intellectually Stimulating

Electrical Engineering is a intellectually stimulating field, one that requires continual education and problem-solving in order to stay up-to-date. Working as an Electrical Engineer will give you the opportunity to explore new ideas, develop innovative solutions and think critically about problems in order to find the best solution.


Electrical Engineering is a great choice for a variety of job seekers. With its versatility in job opportunities, financial security and potential for advancement, Electrical Engineering is a smart and rewarding career choice.

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