is containers/packaging a good career path

is containers/packaging a good career path

Would Containers/Packaging be a Good Career Path?

The decision of picking a career path is a crucial one, as it can determine your future. If you’re considering a job related to containers/packaging, here are some points to consider.


  • Job security: Containers/packaging is one of the most essential aspects of supply chain and logistics, as almost all goods are kept and shipped by containers.
  • Learning opportunities: From learning about new technologies to industry-specific standards and regulations, there are lots of opportunities for professional growth in the containers/packaging industry.
  • Variety of job roles: Along with the container/package suppliers or the manufacturers there are job roles of sales, Distribution, accounting, IT etc.


  • Low salaries: While salaries in the containers/packaging industry are by no means bad, they are typically lower than those in other industries, such as finance and technology.
  • Geography-dependent: The job market for the containers/packaging industry is heavily dependent on the geographic location, and those willing to move have greater employment opportunities.
  • Dangerous work environment: In many cases, containers/package manufacturing involves dealing with hazardous materials, which can put workers at risk for injury or disease.

Overall, pursuing a career in the containers/packaging industry has its own pros and cons. It comes down to your individual preferences and considering the points above can help you in deciding your career path.

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