is chris cuomo’s career over

is chris cuomo’s career over

Is Chris Cuomo’s Career Over?

Chris Cuomo is an American television journalist, best known for his work as the news anchor for CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time. He had been a regular part of the media for quite some time, until his recent suspension from CNN following his outburst.

What is the Situation?

In June 2020, a video of Cuomo had gone viral. In the video, he was seen angrily responding to someone calling him “Fredo”, a reference to the character from The Godfather. Cuomo used several profanities and threatened the other person. This incident had caused many controversies, and it eventually led to his suspension from CNN.

Speculations Regarding His Career

Since then, many people have been asking: Is Chris Cuomo’s career over? Here are some of the opinions:

  • Yes: Many people believe that this incident has caused irreversible damage to his reputation, and it will be difficult for him to continue his career.
  • No: On the other hand, some people believe that he can still make a comeback, and the incident should not be a deciding factor for his future.


Only time will tell how this will affect his career, so we will just have to wait and see.

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