is capital goods a good career path

is capital goods a good career path

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

Capital goods provide the resources, such as machines and equipment, that are used to bring manufactured goods to market. The job of a capital goods professional is to understand the need for new capital goods and procure the necessary pieces of equipment. Experienced professionals in this field can provide valuable insight into making the most of limited resources and developing more efficient equipment.

Advantages of a Career in Capital Goods

  • Personal growth: A career in capital goods allows professionals to apply their knowledge to procure new capital goods and then to put that knowledge to use in design improvements and other technical matters. This allows individuals to build an impressive portfolio with real accomplishments.
  • Advancement opportunities: With just a few years of experience a capital goods professional can become a manager in the field, overseeing the development of new projects or providing technical support.
  • Job security: With a steady turnover of capital goods, professionals in this field can feel safe in their jobs even during tough economic times.

Challenges of a Career in Capital Goods

  • Time commitment: Especially during the initial days of a project, a capital goods professional will have to spend a lot of his/her time to coordinate various teams and contractors within tight deadlines.
  • Technical knowledge: A capital goods professional must possess up-to-date knowledge on available machines and equipment in order to obtain the best deals for their employer.
  • Isolation: A capital goods specialist may often feel isolated from colleagues, as much of their work will be carried out independently in order to meet deadlines.


Overall, working in the capital goods industry provides a wide range of opportunities to those seeking a career in the manufacturing industry. With the right skills and knowledge, professionals in this field can look forward to job stability, personal growth, and advancement opportunities.

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