is business analyst a good career

is business analyst a good career

Is Business Analyst A Good Career?

Business analysis is more popular than ever, leading to questions from job-seekers about whether it’s a worthwhile career choice.


  • Financial Opportunity: Business Analysts receive an attractive remuneration package and are usually highly sought-after by employers.
  • Variety: Business Analysts have the opportunity to work with a wide range of services, organizations and processes.
  • Professional Recognition: With the right experience and qualifications, this profession can lead to recognition among peers, senior management and the business community.
  • High Long-Term Job Satisfaction: Business Analysts often report high job satisfaction due to the combination of financial reward and the opportunity to contribute to important business decisions.


  • Competition: Increasing demand for Business Analysts means that competition for roles is also increasing, making it harder to find a suitable role.
  • Time Away from Home: Depending on the role, a Business Analyst may be required to travel, which can mean long periods away from family.
  • Specific Skill Set: As with most roles, it’s important for Business Analysts to possess the right skill set for the role, such as financial and technical competencies.
  • High Stress Levels: This profession carries significant stress, due to the responsibility of making important business decisions based on data analysis.

Overall, business analysis is a rewarding and stimulating career, but it carries its own set of risks and demands. Those interested in this field have to decide whether they are willing to accept the potential rewards and challenges.

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