is amber heard’s career dead

is amber heard’s career dead

The Impact of Amber Heard’s Controversy on Her Acting Career

Amber Heard faced an incredible amount of backlash in the wake of her divorce from actor Johnny Depp in 2016 amidst allegations of domestic violence. Despite Heard’s claims that the allegations were true and her husband guilty of abuse, the controversy overshadowed any work she’d completed in the past or present— but has this negativity had a lasting impact on her career?

Success Before Controversy

Prior to her engagement and marriage to Depp, Heard was a rising talent in Hollywood. Having made her feature film debut in 2004, she’d gone on to act in several movies and television programs, as well as make appearances at multiple high-profile film festivals. In 2009 she won Breakthrough of the Year at the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, and was nominated several times in the following years at an array of award ceremonies.

The Fallout of Abuse Allegations

Unsurprisingly, Heard’s allegations of abuse and divorce proceedings were met with criticism and skepticism by those in the public eye; Depp’s fans vocalized their disappointment and anger, leading to a wave of online hate being directed towards Heard, who blamed for the divorce and for the negative publicity it caused.

After the backlash had subsided, Heard engaged in philanthropic work, doing speaking engagements and donating her time and money to various charities, but gossip columns and online media continued to focus on her private life and the controversy from her marriage.

The Renewal of Her Career?

In recent months, things have begun to look up for Amber Heard, with new roles and endorsements being signed. Since the start of 2020, she has had roles in four feature films, and is set to appear in an upcoming major motion picture.

She’s also signed a number of endorsements, with companies such as L’Oreal, Revlon and Manolo Blahnik all signing her as a spokesperson. It appears that people are beginning to look past the controversy surrounding her divorce and are seeing her for her accomplishments, rather than her negative press.


Ultimately, although Heard endured a tough period in the aftermath of her divorce and the press surrounding it, she still managed to re-establish her career and put her talents to use.

It’s clear to see that her career is far from dead, and that Heard is still a powerful presence in the entertainment industry.

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