how to write resume for career change

how to write resume for career change

Write A Resume for Career Change

If you’re looking to make a career change, then you have to have a good resume that highlights your transferable skills. Writing a resume for a career change can be a challenge, as you may have to focus on the skills that you have that apply to your new career goals, rather than those that you used in your previous career.

Steps To Follow When Writing A Resume For Career Change:

  • Create a Career Objective – Clearly state in your resume why you are making the change and what you are looking to gain from it. Make sure to include keywords related to the new industry you’re trying to enter.
  • Highlight Transferable Skills – Try to make the connection between the skills required for the new job and the experiences you have gained in your previous work experiences. These can be anything from particular software or tools, to problem-solving or interpersonal skills.
  • Include Relevant Achievements – Highlighting any achievements or awards from your previous job(s) may also be useful, as it helps to illustrate the ways in which you have successfully applied your skills in the past.
  • Update Your Resume Regularly – As your career progresses, make sure to update your resume in order to show that you are taking clear steps to make the transition to a new career.

By following these guidelines, your resume can help you demonstrate the skills you have that are most suitable for the career you are looking to enter. Make sure to tailor the information in your resume to the job you are applying for in order to show that you are the right candidate for the position.

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