how to write a follow up email after career fair

how to write a follow up email after career fair

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Follow Up Email After a Career Fair

As a job seeker, attending a career fair can be a great way to make an impression on potential employers – and hopefully to find a job. But if you’re serious about making an impression, you can’t just stop there. The follow up email you send afterwards is equally important and could determine your success. So here are some tips to craft the perfect follow up email after a career fair.

Start with a Gracious Subject Line

Your subject line will be one of the first things a potential employer will see when they get your email, so it should be something specific and attention grabbing. Try to tailor it to the company you talked to, such as “Recap of our Meeting at [Company] Career Fair.”

Be Prompt

Time is of the essence when it comes to sending your follow up emails. It’s important to maintain contacts and momentum, so be sure to send it within 24 hours of the fair.

Include Your Résumé

Even if you already handed in a paper copy of your résumé, you should still follow up with a digital version in your email. This also gives you the opportunity to format it in a way that fits the company’s brand, as well as include any relevant skills that you may have forgotten to mention at the career fair.

Include Highlights

Your follow up should also include some highlights from the conversations you had at the career fair. Mention any projects you discussed with potential employers, as well as any advice they gave you. This shows that you were actively listening and engaged in the conversation.

Be Professional

Your follow up email should be concise and professional. Be sure not to go on for too long; stick to the highlights. If there was something specific you wanted to tell the employer, you can include it, but keep it brief and to the point.


Doing a good job in your follow up email will ensure that you get the attention of potential employers after a career fair. Be sure to be timely with your emails, include a digital version of your résumé, list some highlights from the conversation, and keep it professional. Good luck in your job search!

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