how to write a career goal statement

how to write a career goal statement

How to Write a Career Goal Statement

Having a clear career goal statement is vital if you want to progress in your chosen field. A well-crafted statement will demonstrate to potential employers and other contacts your ambitions and can help open up potential opportunities. Here are some tips on crafting an effective career goal statement:

1. Clarify Your Ambition

Before writing your goal statement, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. This should include an actionable item and what you are looking to gain from it. For example, you may want to ‘secure a managerial role within the technology sector in the next three years’.

2. Conduct Research

After you have identified a high-level aim, you should conduct research in the field to gain a better understanding of the roles and requirements involved. This will help to ensure you are able to articulate your goals in the right way and can aid you in addressing any potential further study or skill development you may have to pursue.

3. Identify Resources

In order to develop a successful career goal statement, it is important to identify both internal and external resources available to you. Examples could include a mentor or learning platforms that can develop your knowledge on a subject. It is also important to ensure these resources are realistic and will help you to achieve the objectives you have set.

4. Writing Your Statement

Once you have identified your ambition and resources, it is time to write your career goal statement. To make sure your statement is clear and confronts objectives head on, it is important to use:

  • Measurable goals which are quantifiable, for example, ‘obtaining the necessary qualifications over the next 12-months’.
  • Realistic goals which you can achieve within a defined time frame.
  • Specific goals which are clear and concise and have measurable endpoints.

5. Get Feedback

Once you have written your career goal statement, it is recommended to get second opinions from colleagues and contacts within the same field. This can help to ensure your statement is clear, realistic and applicable to the industry.

In conclusion, a career goal statement is a great way of setting a clear path that can help you to get ahead in your field and attain the benefits you are looking for. By following the above steps, you can ensure your statement has the best chance of being efficient and successful.

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