how to start an acting career at 13

how to start an acting career at 13

How to Start an Acting Career at 13

It is possible to launch an acting career when you are 13. To become a successful actor, you need to develop your talent, build your network and play the part. Starting young has its benefits because you can gain experience while still having time to grow and develop as an artist.

1. Develop Your Talent

  • Find an acting coach. Find an experienced, reputable acting coach and enroll in classes to help you refine your craft. Acting classes are an ideal way to developconfidence and practice the techniques you need to start a career in the field. You can also find private coaches, who may help you craft an audition reel that you can use to snag an agent.
  • Study different genres. Acting covers a broad range of styles, from classical theatre to independent films. Consider taking classes or workshops in different genres so you do not limit your opportunities.
  • Know your type. Research the roles that you tend to fit naturally. If you tend to play younger characters, search for roles that focus on kids, teens and young adults. Understand how typecasting can limit your opportunities and work on creating a versatile and dynamic range to get the most out of career.

2. Build Your Network

  • Communicate with other actors. Spend time networking with other actors as well as agents, casting directors and film-makers. Start conversations, introduce yourself and communicate by phone and email to build professional relationships.
  • Perform in amateur productions. Get some experienceunder your belt by performing in home-made dramas or auditioning for local theatre productions. You can gain contacts by performing in or attending several amateur or low-budget projects.
  • Look for open auditions. Several agents and casting directors host open auditions to find new talent. Check local newspapers and websites to find upcoming auditions and be sure to plan ahead so you can make it on time.

3. Play the Part

  • Look the part. Actors often look for a certain type when they cast, so make sure you are dressed to fit the bill. Wear appropriate clothing to your audition and take care of your physical appearance to give yourself a better chance of landing a role.
  • Be prepared. Do your homework and make sure that you are familiar with the film or performance. Make sure you know your character’s backstory inside and out to provide a complete performance for the director or producer.
  • Bring your A-game Listen carefully to directions and use the feedback you receive. Actors need to be available to direction and take criticism in order to excel. Exude confidence and make sure you come off as an enthusiastic, professional actor.

Starting an acting career is not an easy feat, but it is possible for anyone with a bit of dedication and effort. With these steps, you can make a successful transition into the industry when you are 13.

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