how to start a voice acting career

how to start a voice acting career

How to Start a Voice Acting Career

Voice acting is a great way to use your voice to make money. It can also be a great way to explore your creative talents in a new field. If you’re interested in doing voice acting, this guide will help you get started.

Steps to Follow

  • Take Voice Acting Classes: Taking classes to learn the basics of voice acting is a good place to start. You’ll gain insight into the techniques used in the field and figure out which types of voices you can do best.
  • Connect with Voice Acting Agents: Connect with voice acting agents who are knowledgeable of the voice acting industry. They can give you leads for work and help get your name out to the right people.
  • Record a Demos: Create a few demos of your voice acting abilities in different genres. This will help promote your skills to potential employers and make sure you’re prepared for any job you come across.
  • Build Your Network: Building your network is an important part of launching a successful voice acting career. Reach out to other voice actors, attend meetups, and start building your personal brand.
  • Marketing Yourself: Thoroughly market yourself as a voice actor. Focus on creating a website where potential employers can learn more, create a portfolio, reach out to your network, send out postcards, or look into advertising.

Once you’ve taken classes, connected with agents, and built your network, you’re ready to start your voice acting career. Best of luck!

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