how to start a career in it with no experience

how to start a career in it with no experience

How to Start a Career in IT with No Experience

Starting a career in IT can be a daunting prospect when you lack any prior experience in the field. However, with the right set of skills and knowledge, it is possible to launch a career in IT, even without any prior industry experience. Here are a few tips to help jumpstart your IT career.

1. Start Learning

Before you think about getting into the IT industry, you should spend some time getting to know the basics of IT. Depending on your interest, you can pick between web development, programming, digital marketing and more. Get familiar with the different concepts related to the topic of your choice.

2. Pursue Relevant Certifications

Getting certified can give you an edge when you’re looking for a job. Certification proves you have a certain level of proficiency and understanding. There are various certifications that can help you obtain the skills employers look for in IT professionals.

3. Network and Dedicate Time for Learning

Networking is an important part of the job search process. Talk to people who are already working in the IT field and try to get contacts who can give you feedback and advice. Additionally, dedicate some time each day to learning more about IT. Take online courses, read articles, participate in discussion forums, etc.

4. Build your Portfolio

A portfolio is an important tool to showcase your expertise. Start by creating projects that demonstrate what you have learnt. This can help you stand out from others when you are applying for a job in IT.

5. Look for Entry Level Jobs

Finally, you should look for entry-level positions in IT. Look for roles that require a certain level of knowledge and skills related to the field you will be working in. You might be surprised to find that you qualify for a position even with limited experience.

Starting a career in IT can be difficult, but by following these steps, you can launch yourself into the IT world, even without experience. With dedication and passion, you can become an IT professional in no time.

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