how to start a career as an illustrator

how to start a career as an illustrator

Tips to Become an Illustrator

If you have a passion for art and drawing, then it is possible to turn your creative interests into a successful career. Illustration is a broad field and it offers dynamic professional opportunities. Below are some tips on how to become a successful illustrator:

1. Improve Your Skills

The first step to becoming an illustrator is to develop and hone your drawing abilities. Get an art portfolio together and start taking various courses in the arts. Take painting classes, drawing classes, and receive instruction in required software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Once you feel that your skills are adequately developed, you can begin to build your portfolio of illustrations.

2. Build Your Portfolio

The next step is to build an attractive portfolio of your illustrations. You should make sure your portfolio has a variety of artwork that showcases your illustrations and demonstrates your skills. You can include sketches, doodles, digital illustrations, cartoons, and any other artwork you are proud of.

3. Network and Link Up

Networking is very important when you are starting out in the field of illustration. It could help you build relationships with other professionals in the field. It is important to get to know other illustrators and be mindful of freelance opportunities. Look out for workshops, conferences, and exhibitions related to illustration, and make contacts with other professionals in the industry.

4. Promote Yourself

Posting your work on various platforms and professional networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and personal websites are also important steps to take in your illustration career. In these platforms, you should showcase your best pieces, post illustrations regularly and share insights into the creative process.

5. Market Yourself

Once you have established yourself as an illustrator, you should start to market yourself. Reach out to clients who may be interested in your work and send out your portfolio. You should also make sure to create professional business cards to hand out at your events and to potential clients.

Start Your Illustration Career Today

Making it as an Illustrator can be difficult but is definitely achievable. It will take dedication, hard work, and persistence but doing what you love is always worth it. The tips listed above are a good guide to follow when you are starting out in the field of illustration. Good Luck!

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