how to start a career as a lawyer

how to start a career as a lawyer

Starting A Career as A Lawyer

Pursuing a career in law can be incredibly rewarding and be incredibly difficult, depending on the field chosen. Following these steps will make it easier to break into the legal field.

Choose Your Path

The first step in pursuing a career as a lawyer is to choose which path to take. Traditional law requires a law degree from an American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law school, while non-traditional law fields require a college degree, an experienced education, or a combination of both.

Take the Law School Admissions Test

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is a standardized test accepted by all accredited law schools. It tests the legal knowledge and reasoning abilities of the test taker. Preparing for the test and performing well on the test can give you an advantage when applying to law schools.

Write A Statement of Purpose

When applying to law schools, a Statement of Purpose is essential. It provides admissions officers with an idea of the applicant’s interest in pursuing a career in law and what makes them a good fit for the school.

Take Classes in Preparation for Law School

Prior to entering law school, it is important to take classes that provide an in-depth understanding of the legal field. Classes such as political science, accounting, and economics provide the foundation for the knowledge needed in law school.

Apply to Law School

Research law schools that are reputable and offer courses that are of interest. Apply to a few different law schools, even if attending one is the goal. Performance on the LSAT, Statement of Purpose, and letters of recommendation will be a factor in being accepted by law school admissions officers.

Intern or Shadow a Lawyer

Internships or shadowing a lawyer can provide real-world experience in the legal field and give a glimpse into the career of becoming a lawyer. It is often a requirement for law schools and can be beneficial in obtaining a job after graduation.

Graduate and Pass The Bar Exam

After graduating from law school and passing the Bar Exam, the final step in attaining a law career is to be sworn in as a lawyer. This is an important step as it allows the lawyer to start practicing in their area of expertise.

Follow these tips to break into the legal field:

  • Choose the path to pursue
  • Take the LSAT
  • Write a Statement of Purpose
  • Take Classes
  • Apply to Law School
  • Intern or Shadow a Lawyer
  • Graduate and Pass The Bar Exam

Following the steps outlined in this article will help make the process of launching a career in law a much smoother one. Taking the time to prepare and making the most of the opportunities presented will increase the possibilities of a successful career as a lawyer.

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