how to send follow up email after career fair

how to send follow up email after career fair

How to Compose a Follow-up Email After a Career Fair

A career fair can open doors to many job and internship opportunities. You might make some great contacts and leave feeling confident about the professional network you started building. Now, the best way to make a lasting impression is to follow up with a timely and effective email.

Step 1: Personalize Your Message

Before you send a generic message to everyone you met at the fair, take some time to personalize your email. Take notes during the fair and make sure to include any specific information given to you by the hiring organization. Start off by thanking the contact person that you met and include a brief summary of your conversation.

Step 2: Express Your Interest

Recap what the organization does and why you’re interested in an opportunity there. You should also stress your unique experience or qualifications that make you a perfect hire.

Step 3: Provide Useful Resources

In addition to outlining your main qualifications, you should also provide any additional resources that highlight your skills. This could include a link to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, or writing samples.

Step 4: Follow Up Strategically

Timing is essential when you’re sending follow-up emails. It’s best to wait at least a week before sending another message in order to give the hiring organization enough time to review your qualifications. Try to aim for a maximum of three follow-up messages for each organization.

Things to Include in Your Follow-up Email:

  • A personalized introduction
  • A summary of your conversation
  • Express your interest in the company
  • Provide additional resources
  • Follow up strategically

By carefully crafting a follow-up message and sending it on time, you will be able to effectively increase the chances of scoring an interview. Keep the emails professional and use them as a way to continue building relationships with potential employers and start the process of finding a job.

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