how to send follow up email after career fair

how to send follow up email after career fair

How to Send a Follow-Up Email After a Career Fair

Career fairs can be a great way to get your foot in the door with employers and expand your professional network. It is important, however, to follow up after a career fair in order to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Writing and sending a well-written follow-up email is one way to ensure that both you and the potential employer have a chance to review the information shared.

Steps to Write Your Follow-Up Email

  • Research potential employers. Before you write your follow-up email, take the time to research the potential employers you spoke with or interacted with at the career fair. It is helpful to include this research in your email. You can even reference specific conversations you had with the employer in order to highlight your knowledge and interest.
  • Create a professional email address. If you do not already have a professional email address, now is the time to create one. It is important that you don’t use a personal email address when sending a follow-up email after a career fair.
  • Write the email. When writing your email, make sure you are concise and professional. Start by introducing yourself and reminding the employer of the conversation you had at the career fair. Then, include any information you learned during your research and reiterate your interest in the company. Additionally, you want to make sure to list one or two action items you discussed with the employer, such as sending a resume or scheduling a call.
  • Edit and send your email. Before sending your email, it is important that you double-check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. You also want to make sure your action items are clear and easy to understand. Once your email is complete and free from errors, it is safe to send.

Other Tips for a Follow-Up Email

  • Keep it simple. Your follow-up email doesn’t have to be long. A few brief paragraphs outlining your interest and referencing any action items discussed should suffice.
  • Send a thank you. Writing a brief thank you can be a great way to end your email, as it is polite and will help you stand out.
  • Be persistent. If you don’t hear back from the employer after a few days, don’t be afraid to send a follow-up email to re-emphasize your interest and reiterate any action items.

When it comes to job searching, attending career fairs can be a great opportunity to network and expand your professional contacts. It is important, however, to maximize those opportunities by following up after the event in a professional manner. Sending a well-crafted follow-up email can help secure a relationship and make a lasting impression. Follow the steps and tips outlined above to make sure your follow-up email is both effective and timely.

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