how to say looking for a career change

how to say looking for a career change

How to Say You are Looking for a Career Change

Are you unhappy in your current role and looking for a change in your career? It is important to communicate your feelings to your current employer and explain why you are looking for a new opportunity.

Tips for How to Ask for a Career Change

  • Be Tactful: Laying out your feelings in a professional, respectful way is important. Your employer cares about you and might be able to propose a solution that meets your needs, so keep communication open and polite.
  • Be Upfront: If you are looking for a change, try to be honest and upfront about it. Explain why you have decided to make the change, whether it is because the job doesn’t fit your skills, you are looking for an increased challenge, or you have found another opportunity that is of greater interest.
  • Ask for Advice: Your employer can be a great support as you explore career options. Ask them what they think might be a good fit given your skill set and abilities. They can also provide valuable advice that may open up opportunities you might not have considered.
  • Be Reasonable: If you are planning to look for a job elsewhere, be reasonable about your expectations. If you are staying in the same industry, make sure you understand the current market rate and salary trends. It will help you understand what you can realistically ask for and it will make the conversation easier.

Making the decision to change careers is an important one. Be sure to be thoughtful, honest, and strategic in how you communicate your desire for a career change to your current employer. Understanding what you want and what the market will bear will come in handy as you move forward with your journey.

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