how to run a virtual career fair

Virtual Career Fair: Guide to Run a Successful Fair

Holding virtual career fairs is becoming more popular and they can be a great way to connect with potential employees. Here are some tips on how to make your virtual career fair successful.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

In order to make sure your career fair is a success, you should plan ahead of time. Consider setting a theme or topic that will be discussed throughout the fair, and make sure you have something unique and engaging to offer to participants. Determine the number of attendees and speakers that you’d like to have, and reach out to them to reserve their participation. Finally, decide on the platform you want to use for your virtual career fair and practice setting it up to ensure a smooth experience for all participants.

2. Promote Your Virtual Career Fair

Promote your virtual career fair to help build awareness and anticipation. Create promotional materials that you can use to spread the word and post them on relevant websites, blogs, online forums, and social media accounts. Also reach out to related organizations and associations in your industry as they may be more than willing to help spread the word to their members.

3. Collect Pre-Registration

Before the event, it is important to collect pre-registrations. It is essential to gather the contact details of the participants before the event, so that you can stay in touch with them during and after the fair.

4. Prepare for the Event

Prior to the event, make sure you are familiar with the platform you are using and practice hosting a virtual event to ensure that you are comfortable with the interface. Provide a short introduction to let participants know what to expect from your fair, and set up breakout rooms where speakers and participants can discuss topics. Finally, make sure you have a plan for how to manage any technical issues that may arise.

5. After the Event

Once your virtual career fair is over, take time to follow-up with participants and speakers. Get their feedback on the event and discuss potential opportunities. You should also send out an email to everyone who took part, thanking them for their participation and providing them with any additional resources they may be interested in.

Following these steps should help ensure that your virtual career fair is a smashing success!

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