how to read career line on palm

how to read career line on palm

How to Read Career Line on the Palm

The practice of palm reading is used to predict someone’s future and gain insights into their personality traits. One of the most important readings is the one dedicated to someone’s career path. Here’s how to read the career line on the palm:

Identifying the Career Line

The career line is located at the point where located between the base of the thumb and index finger. But when starting to analyze the palm, it is recommended to look at the entire hand and try to identify which line is the career line. Some lines may be overlapping or blurry, so it won’t be evident at first sight.

Interpreting the Symbols

Once the career line is identified, it is time to look for the symbols. Some of the most common symbols that can be found on the career line are:

  • mounts: rounded protrusions that symbolize strength, agility and resiliency;
  • cross: foretells bad luck at work, as well as obstacles and difficulties;
  • island: indicates an interruption in the person’s work life;
  • square: symbol of security and stability;
  • triangle: refers to people in positions of power that can help the person with their career.

When analyzing the symbols in the career line, it is paramount to take into account other lines and symbols on the palm. It will help gain a more complete picture of the person’s current career and future professional prospects.

Studying the Shape

The shape of the career line is also an important indicator in palm reading. Ideally, it should be an even curve starting from the base of the thumb and reaching slightly beyond the bottom of the hand.

  • Forks and branches: which indicate career changes in the future;
  • Long, straight line: may mean a career in finance or another stable field;
  • Short, straight line: usually points to a more creative job;
  • Wavy line: represents a changeable career.

The career line alone will not tell the whole story – combine it with other readings and interpretations to get a more accurate picture of someone’s career.

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