how to reach out to someone for career advice

how to reach out to someone for career advice

Reaching Out for Career Advice

Deciding how to best pursue a career can often feel intimidating and overwhelming. Seeking advice from those with more experience and knowledge can help you navigate a successful path. Here are some suggestions for reaching out for career advice.

Choose an Appropriate Person

The person you reach out to should have detailed knowledge of the career field, industry, and network contacts you are interested in. Finding a suitable connection can require some detective work on your part. Consider colleagues, teachers, friends, and family, and sources like LinkedIn when making connections.

Create an Intriguing Introduction

When sending your introduction, introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your communication. Share the specific goals you have for the conversation and how your connection can help you reach those goals.

Be Prepared

When you have the opportunity to meet with your connection, arrive prepared and ready. Make sure you’ve read any related articles, watched any related videos, and completed any relevant research. Consider how you will articulate the strengths that you bring to the career field and communicate the value that you can add to any organization if you were to be hired.

Follow-up and Say Thank You

At the conclusion of your conversation, thank your contact and be sure to follow-up with a thank you note soon afterwards. Demonstrating your appreciation for the time and advice provided will help build relationships that can further your career.

Continue to Network

Networking and building relationships is important for success. You should:

  • Volunteer for projects and organizations related to the field or industry you are interested in.
  • Attend conferences and seminars to network and learn from peers.
  • Find a Mentor who can provide guidance and feedback on your career progression.

Career progression requires more than just academic qualifications. Reaching out for advice is a valuable way to build meaningful relationships and to learn by drawing on the experiences of others.

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