how to reach out to someone for career advice template

how to reach out to someone for career advice template

Reaching Out to Someone for Career Advice

Why Reach Out To Someone For Career Advice?

Reeching out for career advice can help you understand the intricacies of your job market and the best way to position yourself for job opportunities. It also provides invaluable insight from someone with experience and can give you a better idea of what a career in a certain field entails.

How To Reach Out For Career Advice?

Reaching out for career advice doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Decide Who You’d Like to Reach Out To. Do some research and decide who in your network you’d like to reach out to and what kind of advice they can provide. This is a great way to start building a relationship and getting the guidance you need.
  • Introduce Yourself. When reaching out, start with a brief introduction and mention how you heard about them and why you’re interested in getting advice from them. Be sure to include your qualifications, experience and any other relevant information.
  • State Your Ask. You should be clear and specific about your ask when you reach out. What advice are you asking for? What do you hope to gain from their insight? Make sure your ask is relevant to the person’s expertise.
  • Follow Up. After getting advice from someone, follow up with a thank you and a summary of the main points you learned. This shows your appreciation and demonstrates to the person that you are taking their advice seriously.

Template for Reaching Out To Someone For Career Advice

If you’re not sure what to say when reaching out for career advice, use this template as a guide:

  • Dear [Name],
  • I hope this message finds you well. My name is [Your Name] and I [briefly introduce yourself]. I [mention how you found out about them].
  • I am reaching out because I am [state why you are reaching out and what career advice you are seeking]. I have [briefly explain your qualifications and experience]. I was wondering if you would be able to [ask for the advice you need].
  • I would really appreciate your advice and I’m eager to learn from your experience. Thank you for your time.
  • Best,
    [Your Name]


Reaching out for career advice can help you get invaluable insight from established professionals in your industry. With a little research and the right approach, you can start building meaningful relationships and gain valuable advice on how to succeed in your field.

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