how to pronounce career in american english

how to pronounce career in american english

How to Pronounce Career in American English

Do you want to pronounce career in American English? Learning how to pronounce something correctly can be daunting, but with a few pronunciation tips and practice, it doesn’t have to be.

How to pronounce career:

• Break the word down into syllables. The word career is pronounced “KEE ree.”

Tips for Pronouncing Career:

• Make sure you are saying “KEE ree” and not “CARE ee” or “CAR ee.”

• Pronounce the letter “r” as if you were rolling it—this can help keep the right pronunciation.

• Put emphasis on both syllables—the word “KEE” and the word “ree.”

Practice makes perfect:

• Repeat the word out loud, saying it the same way a few times in a row.

• Have a friend or family member listen and provide feedback.

• If possible, practice with native speakers.

• Record yourself saying the word and play it back to ensure you are pronouncing it correctly.

By following these tips and practicing often, you will soon master the correct pronunciation of career in American English. Good luck!

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