how to promote scientist career sims 4

Promoting Scientist Career Sims 4

The Basics

Sims 4 is a popular video game that allows gamers to control virtual people called Sims, who live in a virtual world. One of the careers available for Sims players is a Scientist. To increase your sims scientific career growth, here are some tips for promoting their career.

Set Up a Home Lab

To begin their scientific career, Sims must first set up a home lab. This lab should be filled with all the necessary items to conduct research, including a microscope, beakers, chemicals, and other essential equipment. Once the lab has been established, your sims can begin conducting experiments and inventing new items.

Learn New Skills

It’s important for Sims to stay up to date with the latest scientific developments and theories. In order to do this, your Sims should purchase books, attend lectures, and even join scientific organizations. Additionally, Sims can also learn new skill such as logic, writing and programming in order to further their career.

Explore the New Worlds

One of the most exciting features added to Sims 4 is the ability to explore new worlds. In the game, there are five different worlds that Sims can explore, each filled with different challenges and opportunities. By exploring these worlds, Sims will boost their reputation, earn new rewards, and find hidden objects that can help them advance in their career.

Boost Reputation

In order to progress in the scientific career, Sims should interact with other Sims who share their passion for science. Additionally, Sims can also attend conferences, give lectures, and become involved in their local scientific community to boost their reputation.

Reap the Rewards

Finally, Sims can reap the various rewards for their hard work and dedication to the scientific career. With each new level that Sims reach, they will receive different rewards such as a new lab, new equipment, and access to special items. Additionally, Sims can also be promoted to higher-paying scientific positions, allowing them to achieve their career goals quicker.


By following these tips, Sims 4 players can easily promote their Sim’s scientific career and achieve their goals. With the right strategies, your Sims can reach new levels of success and become the best scientist in the virtual world.

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