how to promote detective career sims 4

how to promote detective career sims 4

How to Promote Detective Careers in Sims 4

Promoting your sim’s career as a detective in Sims 4 has its own set of challenges. But with the right tools and techniques, your sim can easily achieve the highest rank possible and make a name for themselves in the world of investigations. Here are some tips to help you promote your sim’s career as a detective in Sims 4:

Level Up Logic and Handiness Skills

Logic and Handiness are the two main skills required in the detective career path. Improving these skills will give your sim an edge when it comes to completing assignments and earning promotions. Maxing out both Logic and Handiness not only yields the most promotions but also allows for access to advanced career paths. You can practice these skills at home or take classes at the training facility to level up quickly.

Complete Detective Assignments

Assignments are an essential part of advancing in the detective career. Make sure to complete them in time and with full attention. Your sim can on assignments at the police station or receive them via the EA app. Accurately completing assignments not only gives you access to more clients but also yields higher rewards.

Network with Clients and Law Enforcement Agencies

Networking with clients and law enforcement agencies allows your sim to build their reputation as a dedicated detective. Every case you take increases your chances of becoming the most sought after detective in town. Meeting people in the field can also open up additional opportunities to earn more money and progress faster.

Join Group Threads and Forums

One of the best ways to increase your sim’s detective experience is by connecting with other players and joining group threads and forums. Here you can get tips and advice from people who have a better understanding of the detective career and its promotion possibilities. Being part of the community also allows you to collect special rewards and bonuses.

Following these tips will help your sim to quickly promote their detective career in Sims 4. With dedication and a little bit of luck, your sim will soon be one of the top detectives in town and lead a successful investigation career.

Good luck!

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