how to promote acting career sims 4

how to promote acting career sims 4

How to Promote an Acting Career in “Sims 4”

If you want your sim to become an actor then “Sims 4” offers the perfect opportunity to make that dream a reality! Here are the steps you need to take to get your sim’s acting career off the ground.

Find the Right Job

The Get Famous expansion pack adds a number of new careers such as Social Media, Comedy and of course, Acting. To find the right job for your sim, head to the computer and select ‘Find a Job’, then choose the appropriate category.

Train Your Acting Skills

Once your sim’s career is set up you need to focus on their acting skills. Here’s how:

  • Practice Conversations: Hosting conversations with different characters will increase sim’s Acting skill quickly.
  • Work Out: Working out with the Treadmill & Kettle Bell will help build your sim’s strength and charisma.
  • Read Books: Spend some time reading certain books to hone in on your Acting ability.

Find Auditions

Once your sim’s skills are satisfactory they can then begin their search for auditions. To do this, use the computer to select the option to ‘Find Auditions’ and if lucky, you’ll find a great way to showcase their talent.

Start Performing

After finding an audition, the real fun starts! You may not be successful the first time, but keeppracticing and soon your sim will be the best actor in town. Be sure to practice in between trips to the audition and you’ll be able to increase your sim’s skill level in no time.

Excel in Your Career

With enough practice and dedication, your sim will soon master their craft and be able to join the highest echelon of Acting careers. Keep on top of their Auditions, stay in shape, and before you know, your sim will be a real star!

Hopefully, this guide helps you get your sim’s Acting career off the ground, so they can one day reach the big screen. Good luck!

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