how to play my career madden 21

how to play my career madden 21

Playing My Career Mode In Madden 21

Madden 21 has a fantastic “My Career” mode, allowing you to make your own player and see how you fare against the AI in the NFL. It’s an immersive and exciting journey to put your skills to the test, but how do you get started?

1. Create A Player

The first step is to create a player. You can customize every facial feature and attribute, from height and weight to skin color and tattoos, so that your creation reflects you. You can also choose your hometown and college, so build a character that you can identify with.

2. Set Your Game Plan

Once you have a player, it’s time to set your game plan. What position do you want to play? What type of coach have you had in the past? These questions are important as they determine your in-game strategies. For example, if you want to be a quarterback, be sure to create a playbook that suits your style.

3. Choose A Coach

Next, decide which coach you want to take you on your journey. There are a range of options, from offensive-minded to defensive-minded coaches and even those who specialize in certain positions. Depending on how you want your career to go, pick a coach who suits your playing style.

4. Start Your Career

The final step is to start your career. This is where the action begins! You’ll be taken through mini-games and training camps to prepare for the upcoming season. As you progress, you’ll also be presented with decisions that you must make to achieve success – such as signing sponsorships, managing your team, and haggling with the front office.

5. Play The Games

It’s time to play the games! As you progress through the season, the difficulty will increase so make sure your strategies adapt. If you’re playing a QB, be prepared to pass the ball and utilize the passing plays in your playbook. If you’re playing defense, be sure to use your stats and abilities to your advantage.


Playing My Career in Madden 21 is a fulfilling experience for any football fan. You get to build your own player and coach, play the games, and live out your NFL dream. With a bit of patience and practice, you can go all the way from a high school rookie to a seasoned professional. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

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