how to play madden 17 career mode

how to play madden 17 career mode

How to Play Madden 17 Career Mode

Madden 17 Career Mode is an exciting way to play the popular Madden NFL video game. It allows players to choose a team and embark on a career in the NFL, taking responsibilities as a player, coach, or owner to mold their favorite team into the greatest NFL powerhouse of all time. Here’s what you need to know to begin your career:

Getting Started

  • Choose your franchise. You can either create your own, using one of the best teams from recent seasons or starting a brand new game, or you can take command of an existing franchise.
  • Start your scouting. Scouring the world for talented players is essential. You need to size up the possibilities so that you know who to target in your drafts. Set up visits to refine your knowledge further.
  • Predict the draft. Even the most experienced scouts can’t predict the draft perfectly, but you must prepare yourself with the knowledge of who is projected to pick what.
  • The preseason is here. Get a feel for the team and set your expectations. You are now ready to head into the regular season.

Getting Through the Regular Season

  • Strategize. Know the playbook and do your best to predict the play calls of your opponents. This is essential for success both as a player and as coach.
  • Ups and downs. The real challenge of the regular season is managing your team through the peaks and valleys. Learn how to stay in the hunt throughout the season.
  • Manage injuries. All the simulations of practices and playbooks in the world can’t prepare you for injuries. You have to manage them as best you can, without sacrificing your team chemistry.
  • Be a leader. Players and coaches will respond differently to your guidance. Pay attention to your team’s morale and make changes to fit their style.

The Playoffs and Beyond

  • Go for it. Be aggressive in the playoffs and don’t be afraid to take risks. This is when teams are separated from the pack and make their mark.
  • Change styles. Adapting to the competition is essential in the playoffs. Be ready to change tactics throughout the game.
  • Stay consistent. Consistency is key in the playoffs. Set a gameplan and stick to it.
  • Future-proof. Keep your eye on the future as you pursue championships. Start scouting for younger players who can turn your team into a dynasty.

Madden 17 Career Mode is an exciting way to experience the NFL from the squad of your favorite team’s perspective. Through strategy and adaptation, you will be able to take a team to the top of the league and create a dynasty that will surely challenge anyone you play.

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