how to play fifa 21 career mode

how to play fifa 21 career mode

How to Play FIFA 21 Career Mode

Choose Your Club

The first step in playing FIFA 21 career mode is to choose your team. In the game, you can pick any type of club or nation, from the top teams in Europe to the international sides competing in the World Cup. You’ll be responsible for managing the finances, squad selection, player transfers, and staff decisions.

Choose Your Managers

Once you’ve chosen your team, you will have to decide who to manage them. You can opt for a real-life manager or an AI-controlled manager that will make decisions on the team’s behalf. You’ll also have to pick the staff that will be working with the team, such as scouts, coaches and trainers.

Set Your Objectives

You will then have to set out your team’s objectives for the season. This includes deciding if you want to win a specific competition or meet certain milestones such as reaching a certain amount of points. You’ll also need to come up with ways to make sure the team achieves these objectives, like creating a training schedule or player transfers.

Manage Your Finances

A major part of FIFA 21 career mode is managing your club’s finances. You’ll need to make sure you balance your spending with your income, and decide which sponsorships to take on, as well as deciding when to spend money on new players and staff.

Build Your Team

Once you have your finances in order, you’ll need to focus on building a team of players. You can scout potential new talent, but you’ll also need to decide what type of players are best for your team’s objectives. You’ll have to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each player, as well as their age, and decide if they’re good fits for your team.

Train and Play

Finally, after putting together your team, you’ll need to train them and play matches. This includes setting up training schedules, drills and gameplans, as well as deciding when and what type of players to play in each match. You’ll also get to watch your team’s matches and make in-game decisions like substitutions and tactical changes.


FIFA 21 career mode is a great way to play the game and test your skills in team management. With some planning, you’ll be able to build your own team and guide them to success. Have fun playing!

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