how to play career mode in ufc 4

how to play career mode in ufc 4

How to play Career Mode in UFC 4

UFC 4 is the latest installment in the popular UFC franchise and features the most realistic combat experience to date. One of its game modes, the career mode, puts you into the shoes of a professional fighter, allowing you to experience the thrills of MMA combat firsthand. Read on to learn how to play career mode in UFC 4 like a pro.

1. Create Your Fighter

The first step to playing career mode in UFC 4 is to create your own fighter. You can customize their appearance, ethnicity, fighting style, and nickname, as well as their individual stats. Be sure to give your character a fighting style that suits your own personal playstyle for maximum immersion.

2. Train Your Fighter

Once you have created your fighter, it’s time to train them up to become the toughest martial artist in the Octagon. Train your fighter through a variety of drills and sparring matches, and improve their stats as you go. You can also take your fighter to camps to gain knowledge from experienced coaches and further enhance your fighter’s abilities.

3. Earn Fight Contracts

Your goal in career mode is to become the ultimate UFC champion. To achieve this, you will need to regularly earn fight contracts by competing in various tournaments. Win enough fights and you will qualify for the UFC championship match, providing your chance to become a legitimate martial arts superstar.

4. Take on the Big Names

The ultimate test of your fighter’s skills will come when you take on the top UFC stars, such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz. You will need to be prepared for the toughest fights of your career, and will have to adjust your strategy in order to overcome each opponent.

5. Become the Champion

If you manage to make it to the ultimate fight of your career – the UFC championship match – you will be one step away from glory. Use all of your accumulated experience and training to secure the victory, and become the champion.


Playing career mode in UFC 4 is a challenging yet rewarding experience. With the right strategy and the right focus, your fighter can become the ultimate UFC champion. So go ahead and create your fighter, start training, and make your mark in the UFC world.

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