how to plan your career

how to plan your career

Ways to Plan Your Career

Deciding what career path you want to take can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Here are some tips to help you plan your career:

1.Start researching

Gather information about your interests and the types of jobs that are available to get a better idea of what professions and occupations you might be suitable for. Talk to relatives, friends and teachers and attend career fairs and other events in your local area to gain more knowledge.

2.Create a list of your options

Assess your list of options and create a shorter list of potential career paths. Take into account the type of lifestyle you would like to lead, the amount of money you want to make and the types of environments you want to work in.

3.Consider further education

If you are interested in a certain type of career and need formal qualifications to pursue it, consider furthering your education. Research universities, college courses and apprenticeship programmes and pick one that fits in with your interests and budget.

4.Think about internships

If you’re still unsure about what career you’re best suited to, you may want to think about taking on an internship. This way you can gain experience in a chosen field and decide if it’s the right one for you.

5.Start networking

Networking with professionals in the industry you want to move into can be an invaluable way to gain knowledge and advice. Attend industry events, join relevant groups on social media and contact potential companies that might offer you the job you want.

6.Create an action plan

Once you’ve decided on a career path, create an action plan to help you reach your objectives. Set yourself realistic goals and break them down into smaller steps. Make sure to include ways to keep your motivation up and ways to measure your progress.

7.Stay positive and resilient

Remember that not everything will go as planned and so it’s important to stay positive and resilient. If you feel overwhelmed at times, take a break, remind yourself of your achievements and draw strength from your support system.

Take away

Creating a successful career plan won’t happen overnight. With focus and dedication however, you can make great progress and gain the skills needed to develop a career you’re passionate about.
Task these steps and start planning your career today:

  • Start researching
  • Create a list of your options
  • Consider further education
  • Think about internships
  • Start networking
  • Create an action plan
  • Stay positive and resilient

Good luck!

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