how to pivot to a new career

how to pivot to a new career

How to Pivot to a New Career

It’s not uncommon for people to go through a few career changes during the course of their lives. Whether you’re seeking a change of pace, more money, or more job satisfaction, here are some of the best ways to pivot to a new career:

Begin With Self-Assessment

Start by taking the time to analyze your current situation and identify what you like or don’t like about your career. Think about how your unique skill set can be applied to different industries. This will not only help you figure out the kind of job you are looking for, but also the type of companies and roles that might be suited to your strengths.

Research Prospective Careers

Spend some time researching prospective careers and exploring what they might entail. Seek out opportunities with organisations and review job descriptions to determine which may align with your interests and experience. Keep in mind that there’s more than one avenue to pursue a new career.

Create a Network

Building a network is key to any successful career switch. Leverage your own contacts, as well as online resources like LinkedIn to connect with people who may be able to provide insight and direction about potential opportunities. Developing a reliable network of professionals can offer you helpful advice, connections, and support throughout your career journey.

Consider Professional Training or Education

If you’re looking to make a big career switch, then it’s likely you’ll need to invest in additional training or education. Most areas will offer professional certification programs to help you gain valuable skills needed for the job that you’re seeking. Be sure to research what’s available and go visit your local college or university to discuss your personal goals with an advisor or enrolment counselor.

Develop Career Documents

Aside from honing your skills, updating your resume, cover letter, portfolio website, and other relevant materials can go a long way in making a career switch. They should be tailored to your field and include any recent industry experience or relevant certifications.

Take Action & Move Forward

Once you feel confident about the career path that you’ve chosen, it’s time to take action and get closer to making it a reality. Research job postings, network, develop contacts, and take on any extra training or education that may help boost your credentials. Be sure to take full advantage of any career search and career counselling services available in your area.

By following these steps, you can be well on your way to making a successful career pivot. Good luck!

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