how to pick a career you actually like

how to pick a career you actually like

How to Pick a Career You Actually Like?

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. It’s essential to take your time, research different paths, and pick a career you may actually enjoy and establish a successful professional life.

1. Identify Your Interests and Values

To find a career you will enjoy and possibly excel in, start by evaluating your interests and values. What do you care about deeply? What do you want to learn, do, and fight for?

• Do some research to see which profession aligns with your values
• Ask yourself what fascinates you and make a list of the interests, skills and experiences you can use
• Reflect on which activities make you lose track of time

2. What Skills Do You Have?

Think about the skills, strengths and experiences you have. Consider the subjects in school you perform and excel in as well as talents you have outside of class. Do you have good communication skills, aptitude for problem solving, and an analytical mind? Are there any projects or activities you have completed that are transferable to any other career paths?

• List down all the skills, strengths and experiences you have
• Be honest and realistic while assessing your skills
• Research the job market and areas where you can use those skills

3. Research Different Career Paths

Once you’ve identified your interests and skills, research different job paths that match. Think about where your talents and knowledge fit in the professional world. To start your research:

• Look at job postings and see if you can fit yourself in one
• Ask friends, family, and mentors for advice
• Attend professional events or conferences related to the industries you’re interested in
• Talk to a career coach or mentor

4. Find a Mentor

Find someone who’s doing well in the industry you’re interested in and ask that person to become a mentor. A mentor can help you keep up with the trends and give you a realistic insight into what it’s like to work in that field.

• LinkedIn is a great place to find industry veterans
• Ask your professors, classmates, or colleagues in the industry to make recommendations
• Once you have identified someone, reach out to them and start a conversation

5. Make a Decision and Take Action

Once you’ve identified the job path that best suits you, the process is not over yet. You need to take action and start down the path to success.

• Create a plan and set short-term and long-term goals
• Enroll in any training courses or certifications necessary
• Make sure to network and build relationships with key industry contacts
• Research job openings, apply and go for the interviews
• Stick to your plan and keep learning and refining your skills

Picking a career path is a complicated and lengthy process; however, if you take your time and reflect on the things mentioned above, you may find a career you like and excel in. Good luck!

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