how to overcome career depression

how to overcome career depression

How to Overcome Career Depression

It can be difficult to stay optimistic when your career is feeling stagnant. When things don’t seem to be going anywhere at work, it can be easy to become down, feeling like you’ve reached a plateau. If you’re feeling bogged down by career depression, there are some steps you can take to get out of it.

1. Take Time to Reflect

Depression is often caused by feeling overwhelmed and like things on the job are out of your control. Spend some time to assess the situation. Questions like “What has been successful up to this point?” or “What have I been unable to do?” will help bring clarity to the current state of your career.

2. Set New Goals

Having a clear strategy for your future can help you break out of a funk. It is important to create measurable and realistic goals that you can work to achieve. Make sure that these new goals will help push you forward.

3. Make Use of New Resources Available

We live in an age of technology, so take advantage of recent advancements to enhance your career. There are many digital tools that can help you grow and become more productive. Or, you could look into getting a coach or joining an industry organization that would bring new resources to the table.

4. Celebrate Your Wins

Every bit of progress is worth recognizing. Even if it’s a small victory like sending out a few successful emails or completing a inventory of supplies, take the time to acknowledge your accomplishments. Reminding yourself of these successes will help keep you stay positive when times get tough.

5. Take Control of Your Situation

At the end of the day, only you can improve your situation. Instead of staying stuck in a depression, take the steps to make positive changes to your career. Make a plan, take action and be proud of the decisions you make.


It’s natural for career depression to creep in from time to time. But with the right attitude and action, you can overcome it. Taking the time to reflect, setting new goals, making use of new resources and celebrating your small wins can help you move beyond a plateau and into success.

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