how to mention career break in resume

how to mention career break in resume

How to Mention Career Break on Your Resume

Taking a break from your career is a big decision, and it can be a challenge to explain it in a resume. It is important to be honest and upfront about your career break and make sure to put a positive spin on it to potentially employers. Here are some tips to help you talk about career breaks on your resume.

1. Highlight Relevant Skills

You may have acquired skills while on your break that are applicable to the role you are applying for. For instance, if you took classes or received training in related fields, make sure to include those in your resume. Additionally, if you volunteered or did any freelance work be sure to list that as well.

2. Explain your Break

Be prepared to discuss the reasons behind your career break in an honest, positive way. If you took time off to care for family, travelled or took some time for yourself focus on how that time has changed or shaped you. Use it as an opportunity to show how this changed perspective can make you a better potential employee.

3. Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

Be sure to keep your resume up-to-date throughout your career break, no matter how short or long it may have been. List any courses you have taken, seminars you have attended, or relevant volunteer work in your resume. These are all items that demonstrate that you have been productive during your break and will show employers the effort you have taken to keep your skills and knowledge fresh.

4. Focus on Accomplishments

When talking about your career break, make sure to focus on the accomplishments rather than the length of time. If you took classes while on your break, make sure to mention any impressive grades or awards you received.

5. Don’t Overapologise

Don’t make excuses, and don’t try to hide the break. Instead, use it as an opportunity to highlight the positive sides of your career break such as skills you may have developed, volunteer work, etc.

In conclusion, taking a career break doesn’t have to be the end of your career dreams. It can be a great way to grow personally and professionally. By taking the right steps and being honest and upfront about your career break, you can use it as an opportunity to showcase your skills and experiences and open the door to new and exciting opportunities.

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