how to make your career profile private overwatch

how to make your career profile private overwatch

How to Make Your Career Profile Private in Overwatch

Whether you’re new to gaming and Overwatch, or you’ve been in the competitive scene for a while, keeping your career profile private is a smart move if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your personal stats. Fortunately, making your profile private is easy.

Steps for Keeping Your Profile Private

Follow these steps to hide your career profile in Overwatch:

  • Launch Overwatch – You can do this by pressing the Overwatch icon on your desktop or the Overwatch icon in your Blizzard Launcher.
  • Click “Career Profile” – In the main menu, click the button labeled “Career Profile” located near to the bottom.
  • Click “Options” – You’ll be met with several tabs; click on the one labeled “Options”. It’s the last tab on the left.
  • Click “Privacy Settings” – In the Options tab, you’ll find a button labeled “Privacy Settings”; click it.
  • Set Your “Game Profile Visibility” – By default, your game profile will be set to “Public”. Change this setting to “Private” in order to keep your profile hidden.
  • Press “Save Settings” – Finally, once you’re sure that all your privacy settings are the way you want them, press “Save Settings” to save your changes.

Your career profile is now set to private. Your playtime, stats, and rankings won’t be publicly visible to others, so you can play in peace without worrying about getting spam messages, trolls, or other interruptions.

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