how to make nba 2k21 my career easier

how to make nba 2k21 my career easier

How to Make NBA 2K21 My Career Easier

NBA 2K21’s My Career mode can be a difficult and competitive online game. It is possible, however, to make your experience in the game more enjoyable and successful.

Tips for Easier My Career in NBA 2K21

  • Start Low: When first starting your My Career, it’s important to start at the lowest level possible. Starting at a lower level can give you an opportunity to build up your stats and make your player better than the competition.
  • Play the Right Position: If you want to make your My Career much easier, you should play the position that suits you best. This should be a position where you are the most comfortable and have the most success.
  • Focus on One Stat: To make your experience in My Career much easier, you should focus on one stat that you want to max out. For example, if you are a point guard focus on increasing your speed, passing, and dribbling.
  • Play Good Defense: Playing good defense is an essential part of succeeding in the My Career mode. Doing so will help you win games and increase your stats even more.
  • Be Patient: The most important tip for making My Career easier is to be patient. You will not become a great player overnight, but you can work your way up with patience and perseverance.

Following these tips can make your experience in NBA 2K21’s My Career mode much easier. As long as you practice and stay dedicated, you can be successful in the game.

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