how to make career mode fun

how to make career mode fun

Making Career Mode Fun In Any Video Game

Decide Your Focus

Deciding your focus will be the first step to making your game more fun. Do you want to reach the top level quickly, or do you want to explore different aspects in your game? This can even include RPG elements like developing relationships, or focusing on a specific type of gameplay. Once you decide on what you want to focus on, you’ll have an easier time setting goals and objectives.

Set Goals

Setting goals is key in any type of career mode activity. Try setting both short-term and long-term goals that you have to reach in order to progress. You should also set incentives for yourself and strive to complete them as quickly as possible, so that you really feel like you’re achieving something.

Find Good Friends

Having good friends can be very helpful in a career mode game, so it’s important to find companions that you can trust and play with. This will allow you to challenge each other, discuss strategies and ideas, and enjoy the game together.

Compete With Others

Competitions are always a great way to make career mode more fun. You can either enter tournaments or challenge your friends in 1v1 matches. This will give you a chance to demonstrate your skill and also unlock rewards for coming out on top.

Customize Your Character

Customizing your character to fit your preferences is another great way to add some fun to your career mode playthrough. You can change the clothes, hairstyle, and even the gender of your character, giving you a unique experience.


These are just a few ways to make your career mode game more enjoyable. Keep in mind to stay focused and challenge yourself, so that you can actually get the most out of your time with the game. Good luck!

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