how to level up players in fifa 22 career mode

how to level up players in fifa 22 career mode

Tips To Level Up Players In FIFA 22 Career Mode

1. Drafting

Drafting is an excellent way of bringing new, higher-level players into your team. Drafting is especially useful when your budget is limited or when your club lacks skilled players. When looking at the draft board, it is important to look for players with good potential to improve their stats in the coming months and years. Make sure to focus on those players with positive attributes like good speed, strength, shooting, and passing ability.

2. Training

Training is the single most important method for boosting player stats. There are a range of different drills and training regimes that can be used for different players. Utilize the Training Points (TP) to focus on drills that will help to strengthen a player’s weaknesses or to hone their skills.

3. Squad Rotation

Rotating players is another effective way of improving their stats. By rotating players, it makes them feel more confident and allows them to become more accustomed to the team’s style of play. This helps to create a situation where players are more likely to make a positive impact on the team.

4. Player Upgrades

Player upgrades are another great way to level up players. Upgrading players allows them to gain a slight boost in their stats, making them more of an overall asset to your team. Upgrades can range from changes in chemistry style to special items and consumables.

5. Weekly Objectives

Completing objectives in-game can help to level up players. While this may seem like a time-consuming task, it is well worth investing in for the rewards. Objectives can range from completing certain matches with specific teams to making career decisions and signing specific players. Completing different objectives will reward players with experience, which can be used to improve their stats and increase overall player level.


Overall, there are a variety of different methods for leveling up players in FIFA 22 Career Mode. These include: drafting, training, squad rotation, player upgrades, and weekly objectives. Utilizing these methods correctly and consistently will help players to reach the highest levels and bolster their overall team performance.

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