how to level up fast in fifa 22 career mode

how to level up fast in fifa 22 career mode

How to Level Up Fast in FIFA 22 Career Mode

The FIFA 22 Career mode is an immersive way of experiencing the virtual football universe. Players embark on a long and difficult journey to the top of the football world and must choose the best strategies to level up fast. Here are some tips that can help anyone conquer FIFA 22 Career mode quickly.

1. Create Your Player Early

Creating your player early gives you a massive head start when it comes to levelling up. Your player will have some basic skills when generated, but you can work on improving them further by participating in challenges and activities during your career. All the xp you earn from these activities will help to level you up quickly.

2. Utilize Pre-Season Tournaments

In Career mode, pre-season tournaments are a great way of earning experience points. You can get into the action right away and playing in these tournaments will help you to level up your player and improve his/her skills.

3. Train Frequently

Training is an extremely important part of levelling up quickly in FIFA 22 Career mode. You will have to train regularly to improve your skills and gain xp, which will help you to level up.

You can also take part in weekly challenges that will help you boost your xp. These challenges involve a variety of tasks related to passing, shooting and dribbling and can be completed to gain some extra xp.

4. Use Experience Points Boosters

Experience points boosters are a great way of quickly levelling up in FIFA 22 Career mode. These items will give you a significant boost in your xp, allowing you to level up faster. You can purchase experience points boosters from the in-game store.

5. Play Against Difficult Opponents

Playing against stronger opponents will help you gain more xp and level up quickly. When matches become more difficult, you will earn more xp for defending, dribbling and passing. Playing with higher-level teams will also help you to practice new skills and improve your overall gameplay.


FIFA 22 Career mode is a great way to experience the virtual football world and achieve all of your objectives. Building your career from the ground up will take a lot of practice and dedication, but these tips will help you to level up quickly and gain experience points.

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