how to know my future career

how to know my future career

Finding Your Future Career

Do you ever daydream about what your future career might be? Maybe you envision yourself as a successful doctor, teacher, musician, or working in whatever field you’re passionate about. Figuring out our ideal future career might seem like a lofty goal we can’t possibly achieve, but chances are you already have the tools you need to do it! Here’s how to get started:

Explore Your Options

Start by thinking about your interests. What do you love to do? What topics are you passionate about? Take some time to consider what kind of career would you want to pursue. Then, start researching to learn more about the various roles and careers in that field. Here are some places to get started:

  • Ask people in your network about their experiences and advice
  • Visit industry websites to read more about companies and job roles
  • Listen to talks and podcasts from people in your dream industry
  • Attend career fairs to meet recruiters and influencers

Test it Out

The next step is to get some hands-on experience. You can start by doing research and exploring through online courses, or you can get connected with relevant organizations or volunteer opportunities. Or, it might help to shadow someone in the career field or set up informational interviews with professionals in your desired industry.

Internships or part-time jobs are also excellent ways to gain experience and figure out if this is a career that fits you. Consider all the different options available to you and find an environment that is welcoming and supportive so that you can learn more about the career.

Reflect and Monitor Progress

Throughout this process, it’s important to track your progress. Take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned, the challenges you faced, and the connections you’ve made. Think about what went well, and where you can improve. This can help you identify any knowledge or skills gaps you need to focus on and make your future career a reality.


Ultimately, finding your future career comes down to exploring your options, gathering experience, and reflecting on your progress. It can take time and dedication to reach your goals, but by staying patient and having a plan you will be likely to succeed.

Good luck!

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