how to join photography career sims 3

how to join photography career sims 3

How to Join Photography Career Sims 3

Photography is a fun and rewarding career in Sims 3. Here’s how to get your Sims 3 character into the photography career and begin gaining experience and advancing through the career ranks.

1. Buy the Shawdow’s Photography Studio

Players can purchase the Shadow’s Photography Studio from their cell phone by selecting ‘Buydebug’ and clicking ‘Store’. Here they can find the completed studio, which includes:

  • Workstation – Allows your Sim to take pictures and develop film.
  • Camera – Photographing with the camera gives your Sim experience points.
  • Collectible Display – Used for cleaning off the cameras when taking pictures.
  • Model Display – Displaying models allows your Sim to build relationships and give greater opportunities for getting photo shoot gigs.

2. ‘Photography Racket’ Aspiration

After purchasing the photography studio, your Sims 3 character can select the ‘Photography Racket’ aspiration. Aspiring photographers must take pictures and deliver to their clients based on the task reward and objectives. This enables them to gain experience and level up in their career.

3. Reach the Top of the Photography Career

Your Sims 3 character can reach the top of the photography career ladder by taking pictures and completing photoshoot tasks. Taking photos can be done at the Shadow’s Photography Studio, or around town. As your Sim’s level of experience increases, they will earn more for photo shoots and unlocks additional perks. With the higher level of recognition, more Sims will be seeking out the services of your Sim’s photography business.

With a few simple steps, your Sims 3 character can be well on their way to becoming a successful photographer. So grab that camera and start capturing some memories!

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