how to join paranormal career sims 4

how to join paranormal career sims 4

How to Join a Paranormal Career in Sims 4

Sims 4’s Paranormal Career is an exciting way for your Sim to explore the supernatural side. Joining the Paranormal Career is simple and can be done with the following steps:

Step 1: Unlock the Paranormal Career

You must first purchase the Vampires Pack before accessing the Paranormal Career. With the purchase of the Vampires DLC comes a new active career line in which your Sim can pursue their goals as a paranormal investigator.

Step 2: Access the Paranormal Career

After purchasing the Vampires DLC, the Paranormal Career will appear in the list of opportunities at the computer. Select the career and click “join”. You will have to accept the shift times, the base pay rate, and the actions associated with the job.

Step 3: Complete Paranormal Career Requirements

To progress through the Paranormal Career, your Sim will have to complete a variety of tasks:

  • Answer phone calls from clients to investigate supernatural occurrences
  • Collect evidence for cases and complete missions assigned by your Sim’s boss
  • Attend Werewolf meetings and other supernatural events

Step 4: Maintain Performance and Advance in Career

Your Sim will receive promotions and salary increases as they progress in the Paranormal Career. Maintain your Sim’s performance to receive higher pay and better job-related benefits.

The Paranormal Career is a great way to earn money while exploring the supernatural side of The Sims 4 expansion pack. Your Sim will need the Vampires Pack to join the career, but with it comes a thrilling and exciting way to live out your supernatural Sims 4 adventures.

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