how to join co op career f1 2021

how to join co op career f1 2021

Joining Co-Op Career F1 2021

Joining a Co-Op Career in F1 2021 adds a whole new dimension to being an F1 driver. Playing together allows you to gain more experience and experience the thrill of an F1 race together with a friend, a family member or even a stranger! Here’s what you need to do to join one of these career leagues.


  • Find a League – Visit the F1 website and search for Co-op Career Leagues you can join. You can find organised leagues, or start your own with a few friends or strangers.
  • Check the Requirements – Before joining a Co-op Career League make sure to read the requirements to make sure you are able to participate. This includes the rules and regulations of the league, the cars and tracks to be used and any other requirements.
  • Create a Team – Once you have been accepted into the league, you will need to create a team. This includes choosing which cars and tracks you will be using, and any unique designs you might want to apply to your car.
  • Set Up Your Profile – Before you can start racing you will need to set up your profile. This includes inputting basic information like your name, as well as customising cars and drivers.
  • Start Racing! – You are now ready to start racing! You can compete in online races against other teams and pit your skills against the best!


Getting involved with Co-Op Career F1 2021 is an exciting way to join forces with another driver, either someone you know or a stranger, and experience the thrill of racing. By following the steps above you’ll have no trouble getting started and can look forward to some great races!

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