how to identify interests for career

how to identify interests for career

How to Identify Interests for Career

Finding a career that you are truly passionate about can be difficult, however it is an important task in order to gain job satisfaction and lead a successful professional life. Identifying your interests is a key step in taking control of your future career. Here are some strategies to help you discover what it is that interests you most:

Investigate Your Hobbies

A great place to start is by analyzing your current interests and hobbies. These activities are a reflection of your inner desires, whether it’s a sport, a pastime or something more creative, such as painting or writing. It’s likely that if you’re already doing something for fun, it has the potential to become a career.

Tap Into Your Talents

Your talents are an undervalued source of career potential. Consider what you’re good at, and think about how these skills might be applied in a professional context. It may be that you have an aptitude for problem solving, or a natural understanding of numbers and statistics.

Evaluate Your Priorities

What do you value most in a job? Are you looking to attend networking events and work with industry professionals? Or would you prefer to work regular hours in a comfortable office space? Identifying your priorities can help shape the right career path for you.

Talk to Others

Networking is a fantastic way to uncover career opportunities. Talking to family, friends and colleagues can help you gain perspective on what sort of job might suit you best. It also helps to learn from the experiences of professionals in your desired field.

Seek Professional Advice

Reaching out to a career advisor can be incredibly valuable. These professionals can provide an objective opinion about your professional potential and provide valuable advice on how to find the perfect job. It’s worth signing up for regular advice sessions if you’re considering a career change.

Identifying your interests is a key step to finding the career of your dreams. With a few simple actions such as analysing your existing hobbies, assessing your talents and talking to others, you can take the first steps towards discovering your perfect job!

If you need more information or help, please contact our career advisors, who are always happy to help.

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