how to help your teenager choose a career

how to help your teenager choose a career

Helping Your Teenager Choose a Career

It’s never too early to help your teenager start thinking about their future career. Even if choosing a career can be a daunting task, there are several strategies you can use as a parent to help and support your teenager in finding the right path for them.

Talk Openly About Choices

Encourage your teen to talk openly about their career interests and goals. The more they feel comfortable talking with you and others, the easier they’ll find it to explore and consider various options. Think of yourself as a sounding board – don’t be too opinionated or forceful, just help your teen understand their own preferences and think of options.

Explore Education Options

Start early in exploring possible career options. Talk to your teen about the options available and what qualifications they’ll need to achieve their desired career. Help them to look into courses, qualifications and educational options to help them reach their aspirations.

Introduce New Ideas

Introduce the concept of taking on an apprenticeship or short course to give them an insight into different industries that are of interest. Helping your teenager explore these options can be a big help in finding the right fit for them and can give them the opportunity to experiment and decide what their preferred career may be.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes thinking outside the box can be of great benefit when helping to make a career decision. Help your teen look into roles in different sectors or industries, for example, looking into finance may lead to a customer service role, data analyst role or a marketing role.

Look Into Further Support

Sometimes its helpful to look into outside help to provide some support or guidance when choosing or considering a certain career. Here are some possible avenues to look into:

  • Careers Advice: Consulting a careers adviser or expert can help to provide impartial help and advice tailored to the individual.
  • Internships and Work Experience: Work experience or taking an internship allows your teen to gain practical knowledge and experience in an industry of their choice.
  • Networking: Encourage your teenager to attend networking events, or search for events such as hackathons or study days which can be invaluable in helping to identify the right option.

Encourage & Support

Above all, it’s important to stay positive and encourage your child. Remember, it’s ok if they decide to take some time to figure out their perfect career. A parent’s job is to provide guidance and support, so help them get informed and understand the steps that need to be taken to help them achieve their goals.

Good luck!

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