how to help a teenager choose a career uk

how to help a teenager choose a career uk

Helping Your Teen Choose A UK Career

As parents, helping our teens choose the right career and future path can be daunting. It is important to understand that while it’s a parent’s role to guide their teen, ultimately it should be their teen that makes the decision. Fortunately, with the right guidance, parents can help them make the right decision.

Here are some tips for helping your teen choose a UK career:

  • Explore their interests. Encourage them to explore and learn about different job roles that line up with their interests. You can research the internet or speak with people who work in the field.
  • Don’t rule anything out.You may think them pursuing a particular job is impractical, but don’t dissuade them if that is what they are passionate about. They may want to pursue something that is quite different from the usual career paths.
  • Advise on qualifications. Explain to them the importance of the right qualifications and skills. Ensure they understand what they need to get their desired job and the steps which they need to take to get there.
  • Research job opportunities. Make sure they have looked into the job market in the UK and understand the reality of the opportunities in their field. Talk to them about job security and what steady career opportunities there are.
  • Encourage ambition. Push them to be ambitious and reach for their dreams. They may want to work towards something that is a bit of a stretch at the moment, but with hard work and determination, anything is possible.
  • Help with job searches.Once they have a plan, help them with applying for jobs or doing internships or offered courses. You may be able to provide advice for resumes and cover letters.

Helping your teen choose the right UK career can be a confusing time for both parents and teens. With access to the right information and guidance, nothing can hold your teen back from pursuing their ideal career.

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