how to grow in sap career

how to grow in sap career

Growing Your SAP Career

Gaining knowledge, experience and certifications in the SAP space can be the key to a successful and rewarding career. Whether you’re already certified in SAP or considering it for the first time, this guide will help you grow and expand your abilities in the SAP universe.

1. Stay Up To Date With SAP

The SAP landscape is constantly changing, with new processes, functionality and versions released often. Staying up to date means keeping abreast of the latest roadmap, upgrades and changes to the software.

  • Subscribe to newsletters and blogs on SAP specific topics.
  • Attend webinars and conferences discussing the newest features, software versions and ideas.
  • Join or take part in SAP focused events and forums.
  • Read up on white papers to gain insight into the industry.

2. Brush Up on Your Knowledge

Gaining a deep understanding of the underlying SAP processes and system components is essential. Study up on all the basics and don’t forget to practice what you learn. Areas to focus on include:

  • Application architecture
  • Networking
  • Database and analytics
  • Project scheduling
  • Data integrity

3. Expand Your Certifications

SAP offers world-renowned certifications for those looking to show off their knowledge and abilities in the professional SAP field. Obtaining and maintaining certifications – both technological and professional – can be a great way to demonstrate your proficiency and gain experience.

4. Network & Share Ideas

Connect with and learn from other SAP professionals in your field. Make sure to take advantage of any available networking or mentorship opportunities. Talented SAP professionals can share invaluable advice and insight, while also teaching and upskilling current or aspiring SAP users.

5. Find & Apply for the Right Opportunities

Look out for available SAP job postings in your area and apply for the right ones. To make sure your application is successful, send a CV or resume tailored to the specific job requirements, as well as a portfolio highlighting your knowledge and experience.

Making the most of your SAP knowledge, experience and certifications can be a surefire way to further your career. By staying up to date, brushing up on your knowledge, expanding your certifications, networking with peers and looking for the right opportunities, you can develop into a skilled and successful SAP professional.

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