how to get traded in my career 2k23

how to get traded in my career 2k23

How to Get Your Player Traded in NBA 2K23

Are you looking to take your My Career gaming experience to the next level? Getting traded to another team in NBA 2K23 is the perfect way to shake up the game and take your career in a new direction. Here are some tips for getting traded in NBA 2K23:

1. Build Your Reputation in MyCareer

Building a strong reputation in MyCareer is essential for getting traded. Use the game’s feedback system to get yourself noticed. Attend all interviews, play as well as you can, and keeping talking to the media. This will make teams more likely to notice your stats, and recruit you to join their team.

2. Make an Impression on NBA Team Owners

Team owners are more likely to recruit you if you make a good impression. Join challenges and player-sponsored events, and win friends with in-game connections. Be sure to stay in the game; you never know who’s watching.

3. Practise Your Skills

It’s important to stay on top of your game, both on and off the court. Monitor your performance stats and practice your shooting and dribbling skills daily. Use the gym and practice mode to improve your performance.

4. Keep a High Profile in MyGM Mode

Your performance in MyGM mode can be a huge advantage if you’re wanting to get traded. Work hard, achieve goals and make strong decisions to build up your reputation and make yourself an attractive trade option.

5. Participate in the Community

Joining the thriving NBA 2K23 community is another great way to increase your chances of getting traded. Share your experiences and build relationships with other players to stand out from the crowd.

6. Stay Positive

Ultimately, the key to getting traded is to stay positive, work hard and have fun. Keep playing the game, build your stats and don’t forget to enjoy the experience. With enough dedication and effort, you’ll be sure to get that all-important trade.

Good luck!

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