how to get free vc in nba 2k20 my career

how to get free vc in nba 2k20 my career

Get VC For Free In NBA 2K20 My Career

The Virtual Currency (VC) system in NBA 2K20 allows you to upgrade your MyCareer character, buy new animations and all sorts of goodies. Unfortunately, VC can be expensive if you buy it with real money. At the same time, it can take some time to earn enough VC in the virtual world. Don’t worry, we have some tips on how to get VC for free in NBA 2K20 My Career.

1. Play Games and Challenge Others

The primary way to earn VC in NBA 2K20 My Career is by playing games and challenging others. You will receive VC for completing games and for succeeding in the challenges you face when playing.

2. Choose Your Game Type

Make sure you choose the type of game that best suits your playing style. If you like playing offense, you’ll have better luck in the MyPark, while if you like playing defense, you’ll do better in MyTeam. Choosing the right game type can make all the difference in your ability to earn VC.

3. Spend Your VC Wisely

When you do get VC, make sure you spend it on the right things. Don’t just waste it by upgrading your stats. Focus on items that will help you in the long term, such as animations, haircuts and tattoos.

4. Utilize Bonuses

The game offers several bonuses such as the Double VC, Double Rep and Rewards boosts. Make sure you take advantage of these by staying active in the game. Also pay attention to any special offers or events and make sure you get the most out of them.

5. Get Your Friends Involved

Inviting your friends to play with you can help you earn VC. You can earn bonuses for both playing with friends and getting them to join the game. Make sure you take full advantage of these opportunities.


These are some tips on how to get VC for free in NBA 2K20 My Career. Remember:

  • Play games and challenge others to earn VC
  • Choose the best game type for your playing style
  • Spend VC wisely on upgrades that last
  • Utilize bonuses and special offers
  • Invite friends to increase your earning potential

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to get plenty of free VC in NBA 2K20 My Career.

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